Many owners of the latest Ford Focus RS are struggling with problems of the engine, more specifically with a head gasket, which manifests itself in the white smoke emitted from the exhaust pipes. In the last week, according to Autocar post, Ford confirmed that the early Focus RS models (2016 – 2017) have problems with burn of coolant fluid.

The Ford Motor Company was to confirm that problems appear after just 10,000 kilometers (6,000 miles). White exhaust fumes appear in models from 2016 and from beginning of production in 2017 during start of cold engine.

What with customer support?

Currently, Ford does not plan to withdraw the Focus RS model, but they are preparing the best solution that will fix the aforementioned problems, suggesting that changes are to be introduced also to newer cars. Ford spokesperson also gave information that if customers notice the symptoms in their own Focus RS, they should go to their dealer for an inspection and repair under the warranty.

ford focus rs white smoke

No official details are known, but Focus fans write on online forums, that head gasket is mismatched to the aluminum engine block, which also distorts at high temperatures. It is said that the shape of the motor after repeated heating and cooling changes so much that it is impossible to properly seal. This can cause coolant fluid leaks into engine oil and this makes ignition problems before the engine warms up to optimum temperature.

Apparently the problem does not affect Ford Mustang, because it was used other materials during engine production. It is associated with more power that we are dealing with in Focus RS – 345 hp.

Informacje dzięki Autocar.

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