Comparison of Focus ST 2nd and 3th Generation

You do not need to look twice at the photos, you can easily see colossal changes that have been made between the model Focus ST mk2, and mk3. Impressive big grill, new bold color and a unique dual exhaust. Those are a 3 main elements that distinguish the latest flagship of Ford, but what exactly has changed in the heart, interior and appearance of the car? We looked at and we have got the answers to these questions.

Inconspicuous and modest? Certainly not!

These words in 100% do not fit into these models, they are more unconventional views the Focus, which raise market at the beginning of the previous decade, but without a special bodykit. The second and third edition are completely other models, in these cars hard to be unrecognizable.

The differences between ordinary the Focus

In both models, the Focus differences are noticeable at first glance. Changes have been made in outside: a spoiler, a new front bumper with a large grill, topped up to the thresholds, rear bumper with large tailpipes, body color Electric Orange / Tangerine Scream and of course emblem ST. Inside the changes concerned new, but sensational Recaro seats and additional indicators of turbocharging in the middle of the dashboard, which are directed towards the driver.

In the third generation of ST modifications are quite similar, it belongs to them front bumper, a standard small grill was replaced with the new big one. Further changes: threshold, rear bumper with a unique dual exhaust pipe, a new color Tangerine Scream and new 18 inch alloy wheels.

The interiors of models do not differ quite a bit from the normal version of the Focus. The changes, which introduced a different steering wheel with logo .St, new knob of gearbox, well-known indicators of the oil temperature, oil pressure and turbo pressure on the middle of the dashboard.

The most comfortable seats in the Ford, is one of those items, which the driver is immediately able to feel, when he get into the ST model. Recaro seats are unique, bellies are holding great in corners, while their construction is so versatile, they are just comfortable every day and a long journey. Driving position is quite high comparing to competitors.

Electrifying heart of revolutionary

The differences that separate the two models is the engine 2.5 and 2.0 liter, both are turbocharged, which have enormous power of 225 hp and 250 hp on the front wheels. Why smaller capacity in the newer and more powerful car? The answer is unfortunately obvious, ecology. The latest projection Ford has 4 cylinders instead of 5. Front-wheel drive also remained in the third generation, thus sometimes we can notice understeer in tight and fast corners. Transmission only manual.

Driving is a pleasure! Mk2 and Mk3 is unusual car for straights roads, but also master of overcoming corners. Focus holds well on the road, cars react smartly to push the gas pedal, combined with the brilliant steering and multi-link suspension goes perfectly on normal roads and on the track.

How is the value for money?

In this case, pay for quality that leaves nothing to be desired, these are cars that you can use for pleasure as well as to everyday challenges. Price used cars constantly declining, but that does not mean that used cars are worse than newer models.

Surely many of you ask themselves, “Why do I drive the Focus”?

That’s what Ford has always put on grip and handling, possessing already experienced from previous models mk1 and mk2, Ford created the perfect recipe for an affordable price, give the most positive driving experience! So if you want to feel a surge of positive emotions and heart rate, driving these cars will be pure pleasure.

Table of technical data that will allow you to compare .ST mk2 and mk3:

Ford Focus ST mk2 ST mk3
Engine (number of cylinders) 2.5 (5) 2.0 (4)
Turbo Yes Yes, EcoBoost
Power HP (Nm) 225 KM (320 Nm) 250 KM (360 Nm)
Gearbox Manual, 6 speed Manual, 6 speed
Top speed 149 mph 154 mph
Acceleration to 60 mph 6.8 seconds 6.5 seconds
Tank capacity 53 liters 55 liters
Vehicle weight 1392 kg 1437 kg
Tire size 225/40 R18 235/40 R18
Trunk space 385 liters 363 liters
Brakes (front / rear) 320 mm / 280 mm 320 mm / 270 mm
Wheelbase 2640 mm 2648 mm
Release date / facelifting 2005/2008 2012/2014
Body Hatchback 3 / 5 doors Hatchback 3 / 5 doors, Station wagon

Thanks to:
Kris1976 – Focus Klub Polska
Photographer Paweł Kaczor

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