Ford Focus RS MK3 is undeniably one of the most important cars of the year, which are currently available on the market for sale. The latest hot hatch from the stables of Ford with blue RS emblem hides many secrets, but not for us!

Below we present 9 things you absolutely need to know about it.

1. Focus RS better than Ford Mustang 2.3 EcoBoost

Definitely yes, certainly soon some haters will say “Muscle car is always better…”, we answer NO :) In this case, Ford Mustang is a nice-looking, economical and sporty car for a couple to driving on a daily basis. Mustang with 2.3 EcoBoost engine (twin-scroll turbo) produces 317 hp (320 lb-ft)on the rear axle. Ford Focus RS has even more power from the same engine, 350 hp and 30 lb-ft more than the Mustang.

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