The new generation Ford Fiesta has already been caught during testing in Europe, as always fully masked went on public roads. The best-selling hatchback in the UK undergo a metamorphosis, which will probably be inspired by the design of the new Ford Focus or Mondeo (Fusion).

However, it is hard to say how new model will look, under camouflage can be seen only a new front bumper, in the internet has emerged a lot of speculation and visualization of Fiesta 2017. In the spy photos you can see Fiesta will be offered in 3 and 5 door versions. This car will get a sharper appearance and distinctive new head and rear lamps. The new generation will be wider, longer and higher – in one word: Bigger!

More changes besides the appearance?

We don’t expect from Ford that the model will be equipped with many innovations, but we expect that the Fiesta 2017 will already be equipped with much better functioning Multimedia Station Sync3 with advanced voice control and new commands such as “I need petrol”, which will allow you to quickly find desired location on Ford maps. Cars will be available in the same engines capacities from 1.0 to 1.6-liter with optional automatic and manual 5/6 speed gearbox. Rumors report that ST model will be equipped with a new EcoBoost engine unit with 3-cylinders.

Fiesta RS – unfortunately, not yet…

Officially, Ford Performance denied the creation of a new version of the Fiesta RS package, but models of ST, ST-Line Limited and ST200, which enjoy popularity will still be offered on the market.

Refreshed Fiesta has to create new trends and keep pace with their market competitors such as the Opel Corsa and Volkswagen Polo, to be all the time at the forefront of the automotive industry! The new Fiesta in the market we can expect in the middle of next year, prices will most likely fluctuate in the amount of £ 13,000 – £ 14,000.

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