Premium car brands become more common on our roads, especially when the Ford in Vignale version is competing with Audi, BMW and Mercedes. New design and marketing are not the only things that distinguish Ford Vignale from Titanium and Ghia models. Purchasers buying car from the Vignale line mostly gets in additional service package, which is not available with any other model, and it makes that each owner feels special.

Ford Vignale Premium Class

Ford Vignale is the highest quality, rich equipment and exclusive line of accessories, but above all a new and unique approach to the client. Each owner has to have a feeling that he is a special person. Ford was inspired by the work of the famous Italian car designer, Alfredo Vignale, who created his own brand in 50 years of the twentieth century. Currently Vignale is a team of designers guided by the latest trends and taking care of every detail of cars from this line. Models in this line are characterized by elegant design, unique interior finish and handmade items. Cars are created on a completely different production line, which goes to a special quality control, and includes as many as 100 points.

The first model version Vignale is based on the most popular mid-size sedan, the Ford Mondeo 5th generation. It is a combination of comfort and quality at an adequate price that is much lower than the price of a well-equipped Premium car. At the moment, Ford introduces new models such as the S-Max, Kuga and Edge.

Vignale – the difference is in the details

Let’s start with FordStore salons, where the company prepared a special area Vignale Lounge. It is a new area of customer service, where the new buyer has to feel special, like Mercedes or Lexus lounge.

Mondeo Vignale – is a prestigious car that is offered in two possible car bodies, liftback and wagon. The models are distinguished by elements such as the new shape of the front bumper, chrome moldings around windows and doors, and end on the rear bumper. In addition, on the back Ford has prepared a new design of exhaust pipes, and between the lamps we can find a Vignale badge. Car in the standard package is equipped with 18-inch wheels and special 19-inch for an additional charge. Ford Mondeo Vignale is available with engines:

  • EcoBoost – 203 hp and 240 hp with an automatic 6-speed transmission (FWD*),
  • TDCi 180 hp (6 speed manual or PowerShift) with front-wheel drive or 4×4 210 hp PowerShift (FWD) and 187 hp ecvt (FWD).

For some time, the Americans are trying to enter to the European premium class with not only a Mondeo model. At the Geneva Motor Show we met closer the family of Vignale models, to which join Ford Kuga, Edge and S-Max. We met the first of them, a compact and elegant SUV!

Ford Kuga Vignale will get a new, larger wheels, a distinctive new bumper, and a few chrome and dark elements. In the interior we find the highest quality materials such as leather and aluminum trim. Kuga Vignale will be equipped with 2 different engines:

  • 1.5 EcoBoost with 150 hp and 182 hp with a manual gearbox (FWD) or automatic (AWD*),
  • 2.0 TDCi 150 hp and 180 hp with a manual gearbox (FWD) or automatic (AWD).

Configurator and availability of Vignale models

Ford has prepared a special configurator on Ford Vignale website, where anyone can check available options of equipment and appearance of the car. Mondeo is already on sale, Kuga & Edge Vignale will be available this year.

Do Vignale models may be an interesting alternative to BMW, Jaguar and Audi? Fleets in this way will be able to distinguish their employees in higher positions, and families will be able to choose big luxury car that can be competitive in the premium class.

* FWD – Front Wheel Drive
* AWD – All Wheel Drive

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