This is not the first time when Microsoft is working with the Ford Motor Company. New system Ford Sync started the revolution, which initially posed many problems, but lastest versions and updates improved the functionality of the factory-installed, integrated in-vehicle communications and entertainment system. This makes driving more enjoyable.

Anyway, Ford re-established with Microsoft to make all process even easier during design and visualization cars. Creating and testing wooden skeletons of models is very time consuming. HoloLens goggles reveal a whole new way of mixed reality, allowing you to easily visualize vehicles. In real time, the team will be able to modify the look, add more parts, choose the right variant of the bodywork or interior design.

Mixed reality not only for engineers

It is certainly a future project, the technology of the year cheaper. Its use is getting wider, and the HoloLens gadget will give the customer the ability to modify a vehicle here and now. You will able to choose the right car model, color, body parts and equipment, then you will get a ready-made “vehicle” that you can order from your dealer.

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