Introduced in 1998 as a replacement for Ford Escort, currently in it’s third iteration, Focus became one of the best selling cars in it’s class worldwide. Adored by the owners and journalists for it’s handling characteristics and iconic design, despite the passing years, first generation Focus still impresses. 2002 brought two more powerful versions – 173HP Focus ST170 and 215HP turbocharged Focus RS.

Reliability, handling and a timeless design

These are the 3 main advantages, thanks to which car is very popular. Small Hatchback brought the Ford Motor Company great success, and smile appeared on faces of many owners. The best looking models are three and five-door hatchback version. A characteristic element of the Focus are high-mounted tail lamps at the height of the rear window, also in comparison to other hatchbacks from this period Focus has an independent rear suspension which improves comfort and handling.

„The Focus is cheap, economical, fast, fun to drives, small, safe and the end spacious… It is perfect”Jeremy Clarkson

11 Modern cars of the last decade versus Ford Focus 1998

Coincidence? We think not…

We present you our list of eleven cars of the last 10 years that did not impress in appearance and can not compare with timeless Ford Focus Mk1.

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