In a few weeks we will present a new website. The new website for fans of the Ford Focus ST will be more friendly in appearance, and thus to operate. Currently, we use the basic template, through which we created the first news, notes and information about the Focus ST.

2015 – Time of changes!

We anticipate a lot of changes in the next year, among other things, such as subpage for our partners with Geolocation of Ford workshops, car services with original parts of Motorcraft and Ford dealers available in Europe on map, more news and updates not only focuses on the Focus! Shop with gadgets and the most important part – the International Forum for ST fans!

We hope that thanks to new design we will gain new fans, readers and visitors of our unique information from Ford’s life!

Now you can follow us and observe our profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Youtube!

Greetings and we wish you lucky way!
#FordFocusSTClub Team

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