Travelling around Europe doesn’t have to be boring and monotonous, like driving on long, straight German highways (although as the only have no speed limits). Ford and Steve Sutcliffe took us this time to find the finest roads for automotive geeks – Watch now the series of Great European Driving Roads.

These 4 spectacular crossed the whole of Europe’s most scenic and exciting routes.

Chapter 1 – Transfăgărășan Highway, Romania

In the first episode of the Great European Driving Roads series Steve tooks us to Romania, which is a neglected, but it is a beautiful, safe and friendly! See how the yellow Ford Mustang 5.0 V8 consumes hundreds of mountain curves:

Chapter 2 – Blakey Ridge, North Yorkshire

We are going to England in blue beast – Ford Focus RS 2016, now Steve traveled just 15 miles on the moors beating fast and blind crests and amazing tight corners.

Chapter 3 – C462, Catalonia, Spain

Unbelievable place in the great hothatch, this time the Ford Fiesta ST on the road in the northern part of Catalonia made the 100 km journey in the direction of Andorra with a incredible view in the Pyrenees.

Chapter 4 – D526 & D926, France

One of the most picturesque places in France, the route of the French bicycle race Tour de France from 2015, curvy roads are perfect challenge for the Mustang with the engine in version 2.3 EB Convertible.

Chapter 5. – German road B500

25 miles of exhausting, very demanding road and charming area of the Black Forest in Germany. This time, the driver faced up to curves in the Ford Focus ST TDCi (diesel) station wagon.

Chapter 6 – MA10, Mallorca

With the last episode of series Great European Driving Roads we moved to the north of the Mallorca island, where the Focus ST mk3 in Tangerine Scream colour drove through the historical & tourist route MA10, which is incredibly crazy. We can divided this road into 3 parts: narrow with many curves, smooth, which is full of landscapes and the third looked like a well-prepared race track. Look at yourself and explore the route MA10:

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