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This is our first news and review, we are not going to write the typical and boring information selected straight from Wikipedia. Our aim is to show news, reports and curiosities related mainly to the ST models.

Ford Focus ST170 PhotosST170 is sporty version of Focus, debuted on the market in 2002. Compact was created for people who want to combine the needs of driving every day to work, to carry the family, but in their spare time to feel the satisfaction and joy of driving.

This model allows the driver to love and to discover the road again. Looking for a car with more power and better equipment you will not find many cars that are so well kept roads and had power over 150 horsepower. Number of sports hatchback models of these years, we can count on the fingers of both hands (Golf GTI, Toyota Corolla TS, Opel Astra OPC, Seat Leon Cupra R, Audi S3, the Peugeot 207 RC, Honda Civic VTI). Very rarely expanded shortcut ST model is Sport Technology. Fords’ engineers wanted to show a continuation of strong motor units (such as the Sierra and Escort Cossworth). For the most part it is a normal Focus ST170, but is distinguished by symbolic details that emphasize the silhouette of the car.

If we already mentioned about the look…

… Let’s start from the outside. ST model that we have a chance to see in the pictures features original, spectacular and massive 17-inch alloy rims with low-profiled tires. By reading a lot of reviews associated with these wheels at different forums, we can conclude that they are indestructible – „One of the few wheels, which you are not afraid when drive into a hole, and then you have to go to the car service.”

Ford Focus ST170 SideOther elements show on the power of this car are anti-fog halogens with silver rings (in standard), black lights or for an additional charge bi-xenon lamps with washers, aileron (roof spoiler), front grill in body color, grille in bumper looks like “honeycomb” and emblem of ST170 on the right side of the flap.

One of the most important elements after which you will know this car on the road is a body color – blue metallic paint – Impreial Blue (pictured). Although the ST versions were produced in all possible colors, this color is exclusively reserved for this model.

Focus occur with version a hatchback 3 and 5-door and station wagon, but one never officially created sedan model.

Interior – interesting and timeless

Let’s face it, most of the cars from the years 1995-2000 is uninteresting interior, which remained in the twentieth century. The designers have done a good job, we are in 2014 and still looks fresh and attractive. Just like on the outside, the details are playing the most important role in this performance. Sports (half) leather seats in two versions ST and Recaro (unfortunately are unique and rare). Both types are also heated seats and are adjustable lumbar support.

Ford Focus ST170 InteriorIn addition, at a price we get leather steering wheel and handbrake lever. Sporty temperament suitable chrome scuff plates and metal elements: pedals, door handles, gearshift and hand brake. One of the most spectacular elements we think are indiglo meters – White dails for a day and for a night full of green lights. Apart from traditional metres we can find temperature and pressure indicators of engine oil. To the equipment can be added very usable automatic air conditioning.

The mechanical side and naturally aspirated 2.0 engine

Ford Focus ST170 FrontStrengthened engine with new petrol maps and other components than the usual 2.0 Zetec (130 hp), engine in ST170 was named Duratec ST. The more powerful version with 173 hp and 200 Nm is much livelier and more easily to get more RPM. By pressing the pedal to the metal from stay this car reaches first 60 miles per hour in 7.5-8 seconds only available FWD (Front Wheel Drive). In order to obtain satisfaction from the acceleration enough to have approx. 2 500 rpm on the speedometer. Focus ST accelerates almost to the end of RPM scale (the maximum value is 7, 000). Inside you can enjoy the sound of the engine, but with a soft ride is well muted. In the model, which has been tested, the owner of the vehicle added a noiseless mats to doors and trunk.

In car will find a 6-speed manual transmission equipped with a dual-mass wheel. Very good gearbox, trouble-free, but has a fairly long gear ratio, which can be felt while driving every day. The last gear mainly used to improve comfort on the route – the engine is more silent at lower engine rpm and reduces fuel consuption. With fuel consumption is worthy to mention about small difference between the units 130 and 173 hp, the difference is about 1 liter of fuel per 100 kilometers. Only you have to get used to the unusual reverse gear, which shift to yourself- “harder as the first gear”.

The vehicle has never been equipped with an automatic transmission.

Perfect traction, without electric assist, this is pure pleasure of driving. At this feeling is composed several other components, such as multi-link suspension and lowered and stiffened dampers and springs. Despite the fact that the car is lower by about 2-3 cm lower, we can seamlessly enter the curbs, and in winter we aren not snow plow. Drawback we noticed is maneuverability. The first model Ford Focus needs about 11 meters to turn back.

The last and most important element – Safety first!

Ford Focus ST170The suspension have enormous influences to way of driving the car. By lowering the car most of the corners the driver is able to overcome without touching the brake pedal. On board the Focus ST are larger brakes front – 300 mm, on the back instead of drum brakes we find disc brakes (280 mm). Better visibility in winter give us heated mirrors, front and rear windscreen and also washer nozzles. Included features are 4 airbags, central locking, ABS, TCS and on some models also ESP. Bi-xenon lamps contribute favorably to illuminate the road outside the city.


In summary, if you have amount of 4-5 thousand pound, you want to have the car for every day, to move between points A and B, but sometimes you dream to drive with pleasure, so you can safely consider buying ST170. Fun and unforgettable experience long remain in the memory. While switching from the weaker car to compare driveability certainly will feel uncomfortable going back to “gray mouse”.

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