More and more often we find the brand of cars which promote applications on smart watches as the next gadget and a new offer to our car. Producers like Hyundai, Volvo and BMW integrate them with our new cars, giving you access to certain ability to operate and control the vehicle.

Ford as you can see does not like to be left behind and created an application MyFord. Application on your wrist will allow the user to check some information about the state of the vehicle, mileage details, recently traveled route, turn on air conditioning and close/open the vehicle remotely.

SmartWatch equipped with MyFord application will assess your driving style, it allows for the collection of green leaves to represent in a cost-effective way to driving a car. In addition, the navigation function will be helpful to indicate the way to the parked vehicle (eg. In a large parking lot).

MyFord on SmartWatch is compatible with the latest models of Ford, mainly with electric motors:

  • C-MAX Energi
  • Ford Focus Electric
  • Ford Fusion Energi


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