In the last episode of Gymkhana Ken Block in the Ford Fiesta ST RX43 and Ford Performance showed great and amazing scenes in Dubai. We saw a lot of slipping and stunts around a Ford Raptor, between the exotic police cars and under a huge Jumbo Jet.

Ken Block Gymkhana 8 drifting around plane


However this is not the main information of this news, at the end of the clip Gymkhana 8 has been presented to us a new Ford Focus RS RX (RallyCross), in which Ken Block will drive Gymkhana 9. Until now, nothing was known about the Ford Focus RS RX, see it yourself (8:39):

According to the press released from the Ford Media Center, the new Focus RX, the latest product from Ford Performance is expected to debut at this year on FIA World RallyCross Championship.

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Another surprise is the specification of the vehicle, under the hood we will not find an engine from the Focus RS, but 2.0-liter EcoBoost (Garrett Turbocharger), with 6 speed sequential gearbox, all-wheel drive, power of 600 hp and torque of 900 Nm! This will be one of the fastest cars in the history of the blue oval. From 0 to 60 it will accelerate in about 2 seconds. Car will get a huge 4-pot calipers and 350 mm brake discs.

When will be announced the successor of Fiesta ST RX43?

Probably in about a month, in Portugal starts the first RallyCross (15-17 April). During this period of time, we will look forward to new, amazing stunts Gymkhana 9.

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