Ford Mustang GT350R 2016 is known as a sports version of the regular Mustang GT350, which is lighter by about 67 pounds, has lower and stiffer suspension, special 19-inch carbon fiber wheels, production is limited and therefore, it is of course more expensive ($61.370) compared to GT350 ($47.870).

These are not the only differences, the GT350R comes equipped with less luxurious amenities, electric front seats, a stereo system and above all devoid rear seats.

All in the name of performance!

As you can imagine Ford does not leave new owners of Mustang 2016 without any additional choice. To the minimalist GT350R model you can buy an optional Electronic Package for about $3,000, which includes features like:

  • Air conditioning,
  • Audio system with Sync 3,
  • Rear View Camera,
  • Side mirrors with turn signal repeaters,
  • Auxiliary gauges,
  • Programmable garage door buttons,
  • Rugs,
  • Apart from… rear seats for passengers.

Ford adds all these elements to offer in response to market demand. From now, the company also offers the rear seats for buyers of new Mustang GT350R! Are available seats covered with black suede, trimmed with red thread with seatbelts. Seats will be covered with black suede, trimmed with red thread with seat belts for passengers. This option is available as an accessory for $999. Unfortunately, the price does not include installation costs.

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