Ford Motor Company has confirmed that the new Focus ST received an additional package. Several new modifications that make the car power rose to 275 hp. The most important is the information that we do not lose by this change guarantees.

Ford Focus ST Facelift

Mountune upgrade increases performance for new Focus ST 2015. In the package your car will get not only 25 hp and 40 Nm, but also extended warranty for 36 000 miles (approx. 60 000 km) or 3 years.

The changes that strengthen Focus ST relate to new engine control software, a new intake system, air filter and a more efficient intercooler. The upgrade should take in the Ford Service about 90 minutes.

Power increase from 250 hp / 360 Nm to 275 hp / 400 Nm effectively influence to  acceleration of the car. To achieve the speed of 60mph currently ST needs 6.5 seconds, after these modifications time will reduce to less than 6 seconds!

This interesting option in the new Ford Focus ST you can now purchase for $ 1,900 (approx. 1300 pounds).

We hope that this change will not be released only to the US market.

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