Sometimes we wrote you about the fact that the new Ford Focus RS has an incredible feature for easy drifting. All thanks to engine, which transfer most of the power to the rear axle, which greatly facilitates to slide sideways. However, the functionality in the Focus RS doesn’t guarantee that you will be able to drift the first time…

This unique monster with all-wheel drive system allows you to feel like driving an aggressive rally car or real rear wheel drive BMW. However, in every car with different technologies you should to be able to use them, in addition to have full knowledge of the consequences. This movie which you can see below is the best proof.

One of the RS owners  of New York Focus Club wanted to become a star among his colleagues – as you can see it did not work out that well. He completely ignored the warning “track only”, which appears when you select Drift Mode option. The movie was released by NY ST Club with a warning to other drivers:

PLEASE NOTE – NYST (The NY ST Club) does not condone or approve of this reckless behavior on public roadways. The offending person was immediately booted from our club. We practice safety on the road during our cruises, and actions such as this will be dealt with with ZERO TOLERANCE.

Take it to the track, if you want to drive like this.

If you do not want to become a laughing stock all over the internet in your Focus RS with a super power, which is hidden under the name of “Drift Mode”, don’t do it on public roads.

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