Ford Focus RS was the most expected model of the year, for most fans of the blue oval this car arouse the admiration of new design, driving properties and sport driving modes. Unfortunately, not everybody is satisfied with functionality of this model with the Rally Sport emblem.

When Ford introduced the Focus RS to Australian market it encountered a problem with the local authorities, the media and the public. These groups suggest that vehicle equipped with the Drift Mode jeopardizes road safety. So-called security experts concluded that the car to daytime running with this functionality is completely unnecessary.

Ford Australia responds to these comments in his letter:

Drift mode is targeted for track use only – a disclaimer appears on cluster when switching modes. We believe the drift and track modes are appropriate for racetracks and that typical Focus RS customers will understand the need to deploy these features under controlled and safe conditions such as during a track day

Last time Ford Australia had to give up the Line Lock function, which allows to peel out. According to the Australian traffic law, burnout and drifting is prohibited. The penalty for such offenses is loss of license for a period from 6 to 12 months, in addition police has the ability to confiscate your vehicle.

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